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WinIon Sanitary Napkin Question & Answer


WinIon Sanitary Napkin
WinIon Sanitary Napkin - Day Use, Overnight and Pantyliner


1. What are the benefits of WinIon Anion Sanitary Napkin?

The anion strip in WinIon Sanitary Napkin is able to release a estimate amount of 5,000 anions per cubic cm in the presence of liquid as well as producing a large amount of free oxygen. Gynaecological diseases are usually caused by anaerobic bacteria and those bacterial will die within a minute in an aerobic state.

WinIon Anion Sanitary Napkin is light, soft and has super absorption. The anion strip in each sanitary napkin release high density of anions to eradicate bacteria and remove odour.



2. Why women experience discomfort during menstruation?

During menstruation, menstrual blood will be accumulated on sanitary napkin thus increasing humidity. Due to rich nutrient in the blood, the napkin has become the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria, the sanitary napkin should be changed every 3-4 hours.

3. Why some women will experience allergies, swelling and abdominal pain after using WinIon Sanitary Napkin?

WinIon Sanitary Napkin release highly concentrated anion in helping to discharge waste (Detoxification) such as blood clot and inflammation during blood circulation. Therefore, the phenomenon of abdominal pain may occur during this process. The discharge wastes (Detoxification) are connected to skin and cause irritation and allergies. This is a recovering effect that show the improvement of our conditions. It may improve further after using the WinIon Sanitary Napkin for another 3-6 days.

4. What is self test card?

The self-test card is for self examination on our gynecological condition by pH indication within 20 seconds. The reading from self test card helps to understand the gynecological inflammation as well as the level of inflammation.


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