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The Power of Numbers is not just unique, but the only Numerological ‘system’ of its kind in the world, with its foundation based on theories by the Greek Philosopher and Founding Father of Mathematics, Pythagoras.

Ageing Care Store - Ageing (Aging) Care Store is an online and physical store selling elderly support equipment & healthy product in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia. Product categories including bathroom & toiletry, bedroom, exercise & rehabilitation, food and nutrition, health monitoring, mobility, personal care etc.

Malaysia's Automation Revolution - Embracing the digital age, Malaysia is at the forefront of automation. Industry 4.0 initiatives drive the adoption of advanced technologies, transforming manufacturing and services sectors. From robotics to AI integration, automation enhances productivity and competitiveness. The government's commitment, coupled with industry collaboration, positions Malaysia as a hub for technological innovation. As businesses evolve, automation plays a pivotal role, in shaping a dynamic landscape that fosters efficiency and sustainability. Malaysia's journey into automation reflects a strategic vision for the future, where technology-driven solutions propel industries to new heights of success.