Why women are vulnerable to bacterial infections during menstruation?

Winion Sanitary Napkins

The human body is a complex system, the menstrual cycle is a special characteristic of female maturity that brings both blessings and possible problems. This menstrual cycle will be accounted for half of her entire life. According to Chinese medicine practitioners, women are most vulnerable during this period, their health is badly affected if not been taken care of it.

Symptoms of infection during menstruation include mild fever, external genital infection, itch, ascending infections (vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory, endometritis), leukorrhea, heating effect, lower abdominal pain, infections of the urinary system including urinary tract infection, bladder infection, pyelonephritis, frequent micturition, urgent micturition, dysuria, waist sore and waist pain. These may lead to other serious female genital diseases.

If the ordinary sanitary napkin is being used continuously for 2 hours, harmful bacteria will grow on its surface. Therefore it is crucial to choose the right type of sanitary napkin during menstruation.