Homemade Sanitary Napkin

Make your own sanitary pad – Homemade Sanitary Napkins(Pads)

We may think that this is primitive, but cotton cloth pads are making a comeback in the USA, British and Canada. Commercially made reusable cotton pads are now sold in some countries such as Singapore.

We can make nice reusable and safe menstrual pads by using soft all-cotton flannel of worn-out nightgowns.

Homemade Sanitary Napkins ( Pads )

Following with the simple steps and materials for homemade sanitary napkins (pads);

  1. one 8x5 inch flannel rectangle;
  2. one 5x5 inch flannel square
  3. one 5x5 inch all-cotton terry cloth square. An old towel or washcloth works fine for this piece – but not too thick. This is the layer that will wick fluid away from your skin.
  4. Create a cloth sandwich in this order, the 8x5 inch flannel, topped in the centre with the 5x5 inch terry cloth square, and then the 5x5 inch flannel square.
  5. Use a zig-zag stitch to secure the layers of sand wick together and then zig-zag all around the edges of the pad to prevent fraying.
  6. Just fold into the comfortable pad to fit your panties.

For light days, you can create pads with just 2-3 flannel layers and no terry cloth. Also, homemade cloth pads have to be immediately changed once wet to prevent staining your clothes.

If you are not free to make your own sanitary pads, please select the high quality and sanitary pads without recycling materials (we need a lot of chemicals to process the recycled materials), this can reduce the risk of vaginal infection caused by the huge amount of chemical in your sanitary napkins. Anion Sanitary Napkins - Sanitary Napkins without recycling materials.

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