Video Of WinIon Sanitary Napkins And Winalite

WinIon Sanitary Napkin is able to release a minimum of 5,000 anions per cubic cm in the presence of liquid (blood) as well as producing a large amount of free oxygen. Gynaecological diseases are usually caused by anaerobic bacteria and those bacteria will die within a minute in an aerobic state.

WinIon Sanitary Napkin is light, soft and has superb absorption. The Anion padding in each napkin releases high density of anions to eradicate bacteria and remove odour.

8 Main Benefits of Anion - Antibacterial, Enhance Hormonal Balance, Treat Inflammation, Eradicate Odour, Strengthen Immunity, Improve Metabolism, Reduce Stress, Remove Fatigue.

Video: Introduction Of WinIon Sanitary Napkin

Video : Introduction Of Winalite